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South Australia is at the forefront of the nation’s defence industries.

Renowned for its innovation, world-class research and development, and a highly skilled workforce, the state’s defence industry has a proud history of delivering some of Australia’s largest and most complex defence projects.

With a combination of low business costs, an exceptional quality of life, a knowledge-based economy, a world-class education system, and a strong defence and manufacturing heritage it is no wonder seven of the world’s top 10 defence companies across maritime, aerospace, land, systems and cyber domains call South Australia home.

Investing in Defence

With a culture of entrepreneurship, collaboration and embracing new ideas, South Australia is the logical location for companies operating in the defence sector. By investing in South Australia, your business will be at the epicentre of the latest in technology advancements, surrounded by like-minded companies and research and development institutes working at the cutting-edge.

We have a proven track record of developing a highly skilled workforce to deliver major defence projects, and our partnerships with higher education facilities and technical colleges ensure the defence industry is a priority and stand us apart.

Investment advantages

In addition to being the epicentre of naval shipbuilding in Australia, South Australia is fast-becoming a centre for defence cyber security innovation and skills. Home to a growing cyber workforce and a world-class industry capable of solving complex problems, the state is at the forefront of innovation and future defence requirements.

The Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre is focused on building a cyber-skills pipeline to attract local, national and international investment and strengthen cyber resilience within the South Australian business community. The centre enables businesses, researchers and government to collaborate, while allowing cyber security devices, software and techniques to be introduced into the environment for certification or standards based testing to be performed.

The Centre for Defence Industry Capability is committed to growing Australian defence industry and innovation by managing programs representing a $1.6 billion investment including the Next Generation Technology Fund and Defence Innovation Hub.

Connected ecosystem

With strengths in a range of defence relevant research fields, three world-class universities and Defence Science and Technology Group’s largest Australian operation, South Australia has a long history of success in collaborative defence research and development.

South Australia’s competitive business environment, combined with a strong Defence presence and a vibrant research and development ecosystem, makes our state the best place for defence innovation.

The Defence Innovation Partnership, a collaborative initiative between state and federal government, industry and academia, is a catalyst for defence relevant research and development (R&D) in South Australia. The Partnership helps deliver innovative technologies and R&D solutions to Defence by creating connections between researchers, industry and Defence. 

For more than 20 years, South Australian companies have been winning and delivering the nation’s most complex and dynamic defence projects. In addition to a network of leading multinational companies, South Australia also has a strong core of small to medium sized enterprises actively delivering specialist services and products to the Australian Defence Force and other Defence customers around the world.

Primary contact

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